Weekend Trip to Agra and Delhi from Kolkata

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  1. Chandan sharma says:

    Perfectly described the whole iternary of the whole trip.People planning similer trip will benefit a lot from this.Very informative .Thank u a lot guys.Special mention to the person who has clicked all the pictures

  2. Karthiga says:

    Vigi ,Hope you guys njoyed well..After reading Blog felt like roaming to these places since i visited 2years back.
    Memories never fade !!Keep Blogging..

  3. Vignesh says:

    Nice article.. Expecting more articles from you in nearby.. Eagerly waiting 😉

  4. Selva Seelan Vijayakumar says:

    Great..😍😍..this gives clear idea for everyone to plan with comfort..even this blog will help our shivaji (who is planning to go Darjeeling for more than 6 mnts) to understand without any confusion..hope u’ll post about all ur future trips

    • Shrili says:

      Superb.. 👌 very informative and awsome clicks.. I felt like visiting this place during my vacations.. Keep blogging and capturing beautiful places of incredible India..😊

  5. Gujhambika says:

    Nice pics.. I am missing all these trips funs and enjoyments.. I also want to roam.😭😭 This blog gives me a good idea to plan trips in future.
    Keep blogging your future trips too and enjoy the moments .. !!!! Happy tripping pakki 🤓😜😀

  6. MonALisA says:

    Very informative. I get a sense that despite of all delay and other factors, you guys enjoyed every bit of time. Looking forward to head on an advantures trip with you. Lots of love.

  7. Rahul Mondal says:


  8. Santha says:

    Well planned and successfully executed trip..
    Thank god for not attending light show in Red Fort. That is not a light show. It is an audio show to test the patience. But Red Fort is a nice place. Try to visit during day timings..

  9. Subha says:

    Super da. Always have a good and safe trip.nicely written articles and expecting more from u

  10. Vigneshwaran says:

    Well articulated… Awesome and wonderful trip….. I ll not part of ur next trip and surely I miss you … Hope we ll go for another trip very soon.

  11. Rajdeep Roy says:

    You have described everything so nicely. I visited earlier with my family but it was not so well planned.It would be better if I would have got this post before that.Thank you for writing this blog.And keep posting about your upcoming trip.

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